In a society where individuality reigns supreme, standing out is what everybody wants. So much differences on every aspect of life but we all have one thing in common: every city, every person and every company has a heartbeat. We are Bloodbank PR and we perform transfusions. Looking at clients in an almost medical way, we create PR campaigns that match your DNA, your blood type. Everyone has different needs and a different identity, a different blood type. By getting to know the DNA of our clients we can perform successful transfusions: customized campaigns build to fit your needs, online and offline, written or through stunning visuals and sound.


But what makes us the experts? What makes us fit to perform transfusions? Because it’s in our blood, it’s rooted in our DNA. This agency emerged from four people who saw the world in a specific way: full of lies, hatred, phoniness and just tacky. It’s tiring. You hear the same sales pitches, see the same commercials that annoy us and hear the same shallow stories being told. But what about the real people? With flaws and imperfection, those who are true to what they believe in? We want to change that, bring reality back, kick a few walls down and help our patients to achieve their goals, tell the stories they posses. We are the new generation and know the new generation. We operate from one specific blood type; Type O. It is the universal blood type that can be matched up with every type of blood. So no matter who you are, what you want or what your blood type is, we can help you get the transfusion you need.




To asses the needs of our patients, a diagnosis has to be made:

We start with an intake where we examine our patient, listen to their complaints and asses the time of the procedure. From there on we go in to the research progress to pinpoint the blood type of the patient and get hands-on experience in their DNA and ways of work. We do not work from paper, in our experience the best way to get to know our patient is to crawl into their skin and see their world through their eyes. We work with you for a period of time where we dive into your DNA and get to know the real you. From there on we retreat to our medical facility to prepare the transfusion. We get back to the patient to present our test results and diagnosis and make adjustments where needed. After the transfusion we check back with our patient and re-do the diagnosis, to make sure the patient is healthy and happy again.






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